Friday 1 August 2014

Wraith Beasts of Nurgle.

As part of my Corrupted Eldar Nurgle army, I wanted a squad of 5 beasts. The ideal figure for this would be 5 wraith guard. So with my trusty knife, clippers, green stuff and sculpting tool I set to work. As with all my conversions in this army I had not set thing I wanted to do and I let my imagination guide what each individual model turned out like.

I decided to try a helm that was ripping open with a load of puss coming through. I also have a load of tentacle like growths sprouting out from the arm joints. All very simple, but effective.

 here I wanted something bursting forth from the chest. I decided to go with suckered tentacles. There are some barnacle like growths on the arm. The tentacles required a metal pin to hold the shape but I really enjoyed creating them.

Just more tentacles and eye on this beast. There is also a pussy growth on the leg with a nurgling bursting out of the other leg.

An eye stalk on the shoulder plus a hoof like leg make up the fourth conversion. I am not happy with the eye and will be replacing this with something more spindly in a few days.

And the final one on the collection is my favorite. A complicated mouth, which I think will look better painted, along with the complete removal of one leg to be replaced by a triple tentacle arrangement. Once again these tentacles are created around a wire frame for strength.

Here is the entire squad together.

The entire squad has taken some time to build, but I have been really pleased with the results. I have already prepared some bases for them so once I get started on the apint job they should come together quite well.

Next time I will be showing some painted items. A squad of corrupted Dark Eldar Witches! I'll leave you with a picture of the test figure.

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