Tuesday 4 November 2014

Shiney new captain!

I decided to take a small break from my deamons to paint the limited edition web released Space Marine Captain I got earlier in the year. He does not have the greatest combination of kit, but I love the model and the pose, so I thought he could be the start of my new marine build (when I work out what I want in it).

Not the greatest of pictures, but here is the completed model. I used way more gold than I normally do to emphasis his 'artificer' armour. I have found that red works well with the plate colour so used this predominantly in the trim. This matches up with codex 3rd company, hence the III in the banner.

I have just bought a W&N Series 7 size 00 brush and I will use this at the weekend to put some text on the banner and purity seals. The base is a forge world creation I inherited from Smith the younger. It fits with the broken stone I have for my other marines and just requires a few additions to complete (grass clump and leaves).

On another subject I have come to a realisation that my deamon army is lacking something in the gaming front. Being Nurgle it is very slow (with the exception of my beasts) and I find I am pinned back in my deployment zone for much of the game. So far I have avoided making any of my Psykers use the Deamonolgy powers as a crutch for my army. After a dozen games it seems I may need a summoner to add something to an army that can be out manoeuvred and easily out gunned. I will probably use my level 1 psyker for this and keep my other Herald and Great Unclean One with biomancy powers. The only downside is I will now need to paint another 40 or 50 models to make sure I have enough reserves to summon every turn. I will have to give this a test run I think with an opponent who will let me bring some 'substitutes' to test out my theory.

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