Friday 23 September 2016

Time to revive the blog!

So much has happened in the last couple of years since my last entry.

I won a few painting comps here and there (with both my Orks and Deamons). But the main thing is that I've not moved house, This has really stopped me playing anywhere near as much as I would like. However the house is on the marktet so a move closer to work would give me more chances to go to my local gaming club and get some 40k action.

On the home front mini me is really getting into Age of Sigmar. I have started a Sotrmcast Eternal army to go up against his Tzeentch Chaos force. We are not quite ready to do any gaming as I only have 5 figures together.

Along side doing the Stormcast army I am working on a smallish Skittari army. Progess is slow as the models are quite intricate. I hope to make much better progress after the house move. I'll have a proper painting room again so can just sit down and paint.

Next there is Silver Tower. I really love these figures and I'm painting these as a joint project with mini me, so we can play a GW game with fully painted figures.

On the subject of GW games, I really want to complete a project with Space Hulk. Besides painting the actual models, I really would like to build a 3D resin set using casts you can get online. If I manage to get more romm in the next place this is defenitly something I intend to do.

OK, well thats enough for now. In the next blog I intend to talk more about the particular projects that I'm working on right now.

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