Monday 3 September 2012

Mega looking orks!

A little bit of a delay since my last blog entry, mainly due to me being busy with other stuff. But I have made some good progress on the Orks, so a post is overdue.

Before I post about my Orks, I want to mention the new Warhammer 40K boxed set. After some negotiations with my better half, Oliver and I have purchased the boxed set from Triple Helix Games, for a mere £52 (that’s 20% off). Oliver is not sure what models he actually wants yet, although I get the Chaos Marines and the Hell Brute. It looks like a really good set and I cant wait for it to arrive.

Now back to the Orks. I think I have spent the last few weeks creating my Cyber Mega Nobs. I wanted all 5 to be done by the end of August for the Heresy Online Conversion Challenge. I managed it with a couple of days to spare. Actually I didn't because I wanted 5 models, and I didn’t have enough parts so had to settle for 4 completed models. I need to get a few more nid parts and a power claw to complete the 5th figure. But I entered the 4 completed models anyway.

As you can see my picture taking has improved. A different lighting set allows me to get some great detail, although I have found that the light is slightly too bright. My mate Rash has directed me to a sort of lamp diffuser for less than a pound on ebay which I will pickup. Then my pictures should be much better.

Painting wise I am maybe 2 days behind my schedule as I was distracted by another conversion project, but more on that in the next entry. I hope to finish of the orks in the next day so I can use them on Tuesday night. I also need to get busy and make the spare 10 ork heads to replace my Mexican heads from puppet wars. I'm still confident I can get this army completed before the end of the year.

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