Wednesday 22 August 2012

Megaorks strike again!

Painting of my boyz is progressing at a reasonable pace. I have managed to get all the skin done and will move on to the clothing tonight. I have also made some great progress on the meganobz. I need to complete some 'wiring' on each model but this should not take too long. The biggest issue is making a combi scortcha. I have found several old style flamers that I think are from a chaos vehicle of some sort. These have been cut down and placed on standard shootas. To get the positioning correct I used took the shootas off the standard arm and placed on slugga arms.

These now look rather good and have overcome what was going to be the most difficult part of the model. My test model now has some back plating. I have had to cut down several nid plates to get this to work, and there needs to be some green stuff added to get the right effect, but overall the models are almost complete. Just need to maybe add a sombrero or 2 to the squad to tie in the look with the other units in the army.

Speaking of Meganobz, I had another game of 40k last night at the Sad muppet society. This was part of their ongoing 40k campaign which will be running till the end of the year. The game was a 750 point game with pre selected scenario of Purge the Alien. For those who don't know this is a victory point game so killing enemy units is the name of the game.

I took my standard Big Mek with Shockk attack gun, a squad of gretchin, 2 squads of 25 boys with a power clawed bob. My final unit was 5 megaorks. The few games I have used these in had confirmed my belief that these are the single most destructive hand to hand unit in the ork army. I armed this unit with combi rockit launchers as I had very little anti tank/flyer weapons so needed something to boost my chance of taking anything like this down.

Opponents were selected randomly and I got to play against Gavin, who I played 2 weeks ago. He had a space marine force (Crimson Fists). He force was a scout squad with a heavy bolter and bolters, tactical squad in a rhino with missile launcher and melta, librarian in terminator armour and force staff, 5 terminators with a power sword wielding sergeant and an assault cannon backed up by 3 scout bikers with 2 grenade launchers.

The game was pretty quick, taking around an hour and 15 minutes. A hugh fortress of redemption took up the centre of the board. A couple of quick kills against my gretchin was all could manage initially, whilst I wiped out the scouts. With the bikes and terminators in the lead, the rest of his force tried to sweep round the outside of the fortress. I sent in my meganobz backed up by what was left of a slightly shot up choppa boy unit.

I must still admit to being surprised at how good megnobz actually are. They easily wiped out the bikes on the charge. The return fire from the tactical squad, terminators and rhino killed one nobz and injured another. This was even after the librarian had cast the ability that reduces their toughness and strength by 1 (the name of it escapes me at the moment).

The terminators then charged. The librarian and sergeant with the power sword failed to kill any orks. The power claws (now strength 6) and power fists smashed each unit to pieces. I lost all my nobz, but reduced the librarian to a single wound and left only the assault cannon marine alive.

This single combat won me the game.  I had lost only a single victory point but I had already gained 3 by getting first blood and wiping out 2 complete units. My choppa boyz charged the remaining terminator and librarian. Losing a couple of orks to the librarian, the rest of the boyz finished off both models without the need for the nob to use his power claw.

The game was over at this point. I was 6 points up with Gavin having to wipe out my entire army to equal my point count. This was not going to be possible with just 2 turns to go and 3 of my units being behind the fortress of redemption. The final score was 6 points to me and 2 to Gavin. It was a fun game although it is the second game in a row against Gavin that my Megaorks have decimated his terminators.

I really need to get these models finished and painted. Such an awesome squad needs to been seen in all its glory!

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