Wednesday 25 June 2014

Time to revive the blog

It looks like I have been a little slack in posting here in the last couple of years, but its time to revive the blog. Maybe even attract some readers.

So a lot has happened since I last said anything on here. My ork army was completed and has competed in a couple of Throne of Skulls tournaments. I have got 'Prophet of the Waaagh' in 2 of these (best ork player for those who don't know). I also won Best Army at one of these. This is possible my greatest moment gaming wise and something I probably won't be able to surpass. I know I am not a Golden Deamon standard painter so winning this for my Mexian Waaagh Nids is something I am very proud of.

I have also moved jobs. I now have an hour or so commute each way every day. This gives me loads of time to ponder about stuff and I have a load to say about the hobby and modeling in general. But I will come to this in future blogs.

For now I have moved on from my very successful orks to a very tricky to use Deamon of Nurgle army. They are slow and cumbersome to use. I am enjoying playing them, but I think victories will be few and far between.

There is something else about this army that I should mention. I will be using Eldar models. They will be converted to be corrupted and I have already made a good start on this work. As normal for me, my favorite model is also turning out to be the worst on the table top. The soul grinder is a brilliant thing on paper. But as it is my only vehicle, it attracts so much fire power I have not seen it last past turn 3 in all but 1 game. But its looking pretty good from a converted model point of view. I have based it on the beautiful GW Eldar Wraith Knight that has been infected my nurglings. It is now decidedly less good looking. This is the work at a previous stage (I will take more once it is completed in the next week).

I'll post some updates a lot sooner I hope, and may even keep this up for more than a couple of weeks.

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