Monday 7 July 2014

Planning the next step of Deamonhood

I was actually wrong last week about my Deamons. They can actually win. An entire round of shooting from a very shooty Dark Eldar army resulted in a lost Beast of Nurgle. The Grimoir of True Names and Endurance make for a very resilient squad when applied to Beasts.

My Nurgle Wraith Knight had its first outing since its build was completed. It did fairly well but once again the overly powerful haywire grenades did him in. It was a close Relic game and my superior survivability saw me through to the end. Surrounding the objective with Plague bearers in 4+ area terrain with 5+ feel no pain was enough to keep them in the game. I will be hard pressed to beat anything with a flyer but thats for another day.

Now as far as figures go. I have no pictures to show. Its been a bit hectic with one thing or another, but I have managed to make some great progress on my beasts. There are a number of bits to finish off but I hope to have them built by the end of the week. I have also put together quite quickly a squad of 10 plague bearers. This is mainly so I do no have to use so many proxies in my games. The quicker I can get them built the better (only 20 more to convert).

The plan is to build and convert 10 guardians to complete a 20 deamon unit, get 10 further Dark Eldar Kabalite warriors to make the wyches another full 20 deamon strong unit. They are the next on my to do list. The final pieces are 3 Heralds of Nurgle (1 spare in case of the super possession from the warp storm table) and a Great Unclean One converted from a wraith lord.

The final piece to the army will probably be another squad of 10 plagues bearers in case of a 12 on the warp storm table. So in all I need to build or buy another 34 models including spares  or  23 not including spares. My aim for a completed army by November may actually be possible.

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