Thursday 2 August 2012

Summer Holidays and the painting commences!

After a hectic 2 days at work, I am having a week and a half off. As well as spending some time with the family this is an ideal opportunity to get some painting done. To this end I did some priming last week in the garage and I have some boyz to get painted. This should add another 6 models to my squad of choppa boyz plus another 4 models to complete my shootas boyz. I will still have another 9 boyz to paint for my troop choices but that will be a big step in the right direction.

Incidentally here is my spray and pray area. It doubles as a workshop for DIY as well as a ventilated dry area for any air bursh, priming or varnishing I need to do.

I still have a few things I need to finish off before I start the boyz. So the last few days have been spent completing some bases on both of the Gretchin squads I had already completed painting, plus I have completed the majority of the paint jobs on my last 5 storm boyz. I have a problem with these though. This is due to Games Workshop decision to change their paints. I have been using snakebyte leather and mine ran out. There is no direct replacement so I am now trying to mix a duplicate colour for the wing webbing on the gargoyles. I think I have it figured out but the colour does look a little different to the other 10 models in the squad. Grrrrr!

There is also the fact I want to get as much of the army done before the 11th August as I am due to go to a 3000 point a side game and I want as many models as possible completed from my 1500 point list. I should have some pictures of my completed Stormboyz and Gretchin by next entry, but we will see how it goes.

Not much painting going to be done tomorrow as we are going for a day trip to Bournemouth. It should be good fun at the seaside having some chips and ice cream (not at the same time).

Oh and I cannot wait for the stupid Olympics to end. I am totally fed up with the whole thing.

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